Sunday, March 01, 2009

Design changes...

So, I was going to install the same flooring throughout the house (with the exception of one bedroom which already has laminate) because the website where I found what I like has a minimum order. Today I found a website which sells the same floor in smaller quantities. I think I'm going to go with a cheaper floor upstair (probably Ikea laminate) like this (or a similar basic laminate from another big box store):

This will match what is already in the one room and, more importantly, free up a bit of cash for this bit of gorgeousness. This will be just a bit of back splash for the range wall. I've decided on teal for paint. a lighter color on the ceiling and outside walls, with a darker more intense color for the back splash areas of the other walls with cabinets.

The ceiling fan I had picked out got REALLY bad reviews. So now i'm thinking of this one:

I'll have to make the blades match the room better, either by covering them with a wood grain laminate that matches the cabinets or, more likely, painting them a dark gray color.

I need to decide if I want to do the same cabinets and countertop in the laundry area. I'm considering changing it up a bit and doing black doors with birch countertops.


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