Sunday, April 29, 2007

What a difference a day (and $700) can make!

wow! it was a budget buster, but my decision to hire someone to completely remove my floor the joists and reinstall new subfloor was the right one.

they arrived at nine and by 11 had the floor up. by 1, the room looked like this:

Next they showed me how to install the floor, and since i ordered pizza and they were waiting for it to arrive, helped me install most of it and hooked up my stove!

I was going to finish the floor but decided to install a new light switch first. unfortunately it got dark and i have something wired wrong because, um, the light won't turn on.

I was looking to put a wall sconce above the stove simply because there are wires there, but yesterday at ikea i saw, and bought this light...

wow, i have a stove again! i can cook! there is an end in sight!


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