Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Demolition is underway!

Demolition is very exciting, and very terrifying. My budget is tight, so I don't have a lot of room for unexpected surprises. So, naturally, on day 1, there were some not-completely unexpected, but still a problem, surprises. So, we'll start here:

This used to be the kitchen. It will eventually become the dining room.

Here is the first problem. See the exposed brick? that was supposed to be the new location for the basement door. However, see the big steel beam in the second picture? that is holding up my second floor. Now see the curvy duct thing. that meant problems too. Bottom line, to add the additional doorway would have involved high level engineering and much much money that I don't have.

So, what now? I still need a basement door and it's current location is inconvenient if i want, oh anything, in my kitchen. So i will be moving it around the corner from it's current spot.

Here's just a general shots of the rest of the room:

So, since i can't put the door where planned, i had to completely redo the kitchen layout. in one night. The contractor wants to run the new water and electrical tomorrow, so I needed to decide where to put everything.

So, here's the new plan.

An overhead shot-

And some 3D images:

I'm excited (and scared) to see what tomorrow will bring!


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