Saturday, April 25, 2009


i have a lot of it. the movers unloaded three Door to Door storage units in 2 hours. My dining table made it unharmed and looks TEENY in my new dining room! It seemed so big in the last house. By the way, i highly recommend door to door. the three units held my entire 3 bedroom house worth of stuff easily, storage was about $200 a month and when i was ready for it they brought it to my house in philly (from baltimore) for about $1500. Add in the $200 bucks i paid on each end for people to load and unload and it feels like a steal of a move (i hadn't planned on 7 months of storage, that part hurt).

so, my furniture is in and now i have to try to make it fit into my house. i bought a lovely new entertainment center right before i moved....never even installed it and there's no place for it in the new digs. ugh.

so, here's the current dilemna...

see that, that is my couch being too big.

since it is too big it doesn't quite fit in this layout, there is a gap behind the couch, not a huge deal really, but annoying:

so, i thought maybe I'd try something funky and move the couch to the middle of the room...., of course i didn't get a good picture of where it was positioned in the room, but here's the layout:

These pictures shows the rest of the room:

Right now the tv connection is on that wall where the tv stand lives so i have ot lave the TV there. i would have it moved and flip the room around, but i don't want to put the couch over the big 'ole vent.

the rabbit cage, which is admittedly unattractive will probably go in that corner where the paint cans currently live. that windowsill is nice and deep and I'd love to have it set up so the bunnies can hang out on it if they want...

so, that's the space, any brilliant ideas on how to arrange my furniture?


At 4:25 PM, Anonymous duende said...

Its looking great! I admire you for all your hard work in renovating not one, but TWO houses, but.... I'm going to admire from afar and not try this at home :-)


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