Wednesday, April 25, 2007

When good floors go bad....



I was pulling up the floor and all was going well. Two layers of flooring coming up rather easily and leaving this behind...

looks nice, ey? so then a top layer of whatever the subfloor is made of started to come up, but it was still pretty easy to handle...

and then...i got to the sink area. apparently there is a bunch of water damage and suddenly i have from what seems to be a brazillion layers coming up. okay, at least feight....

1. wood subflooring of some sort
2. unidentifiable floor tile
3. another unidentifiable floor tile.
4. some black layer of something that has been nailed to the floor.
5. a layer of sheet flooring
6. another layer of subflooring, stapled down
7. sheet flooring
8. vinyl tile.

This doesn't even begin to truly capture the horror.

So now what? I'm either going to keep going and see if i can define "edges" to this disaster and then lay plywood subfloor to make it all level again, or, call someone and have them deal with this mess, budget be damned.



At 8:41 AM, Blogger Jozet said...

Oh my darling...I SOOOOO feel your pain.

We started taking out the floor in our upstairs bathroom and the same disaster was revealed. Muckity-mucky and now we have to re-lay a subfloor. deepest sympathy.


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