Friday, June 29, 2007

Oh handles....

I bought handles.

I installed handles.

I'm not sure I like the handles.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

I may have a working kitchen again...someday...

I have been working on the kitchen, but progress has been slow. I had a big project at work, but i finished that and the past few weeks have been all kitchen all the time!

I have cabinets up! the kitchen is s smal it's hard to take picturses, but here's what's up...

first i installed the "Beverage center". it has two stacked cabinets with lift from doors. the bottom cabinet will hold glassware, the top, liquor. it is flanked by two narrow cabinets with places for wine and other bar essentials.

I also installed the wall cabinets on the other wall. This sink will be centered below the raised cabinet...

and here's the fridge, in it's final resting place.

This week i hope to finish the install of the dishwasher so that i can order countertops. I also need to buy a sink, which is proving to be much more difficult that i imagined.