Monday, July 20, 2009

Cabinet installation has begun!

It was a slow start. It took three (maybe four) trips to lowes and home depot to finally have all the right hanging bar attachment hardware. But I have 5 (of 11) upper cabinets installed! The others should go easily since there are actually wood studs in the other wall.

As you can see, I painted the kitchen prior to beginning cabinet installation.

I just hope they stay up!

Before the cabinets went up:


This is where the rest of the wall cabinets will go:

and you can see a bit of the ceiling, which is a lighter blue....just like the outside wall...

Friday, July 03, 2009

Guest Bedroom!

So, I'm getting guests (in about 3 hours) so I had to clean out the guest room and make it guest worthy. I'm pleased with how it looks. I'll need to add artwork and such, but I think it's a nice place for people to place their head while visiting Philly!

note to guests: for your own safety, do not open the closet!