Thursday, August 06, 2009

it's so nice, i did it twice...

or, why good plans go awry.

i decided to hang three rows of 15" horizontal wall cabinets on my sink wall. i also decided to hang the top one at ceiling height. i don't know what sort of funky math i was doing because i got two rows up and realized that the bottom of the bottom cabinet was going to be 29" off the countertops. normal height is around 18". this is too high, even for tallish me.

so, i had to remove the installed cabinets, move the hanging rail down, and reinstall the cabinets. not a huge deal, just some time i wasn't planning on spending.

BUT, now i see a bigger problem....can you see it too?


Saturday, August 01, 2009

Oh the decisions????

I though I was done with decisions. I picked out floors, doors, countertops, paint colors, door pulls, a sink, a faucet, splash back tile, appliances...everything was decided!

Then Ikea came out with this:

I am in love. i am now obsessed with having those beautiful shiny grey doors on my base cabinets. the upper cabinets will stay birch, and i'd have birch accents on the bottom (mainly the exposed cabinet sides).

The problem is two fold...price, those gray doors cost twice as much as the birch and design, i'm worried that the grays wont' all match. i've ordered up a sample door to see if it goes with the floor, which is already installed and unchangeable at this point. I'm also settled on the backsplash and need to find something that works with it.

So, what's the problem? countertops. i had picked out gray countertops, but now i fear it will be too many different grays. so, I have four choices in front of me and i'm open to other suggestions...

The current options are:


So, what would you do?